Our Vision

One day, we stop using the word “gaijin”, an outside person, by creating a border-less

Japanese society.


More open-minded homeowners asking “Where are you from?" instead of declining

at first glance. A diverse community with comfortable housing where natives can welcome

internationals without judgmental perspectives of race or nationality. A Japanese society,

with no separation between insiders and outsiders.

This is Tokyo Hearth.

Why We Started

Our Platform

Housing platform for internationals to rent legal options easily in Japan

Meet Our International Team

CEO of Tokyo Hearth
Lead Back-End Developer
Business Analyst
Public Relations & Marketing
Public Relations & Marketing
Marketing Analyst
Back-End Developer

Our Corporate Advisers

External Director of TRICOL
CEO & Co-Founder at Archive, K.K. and Manager, Office of the Chairman & DMM.Africa at DMM.com

Corporate Information


1-1-2 Kanda Awajicho Chiyoda, Tokyo, 101-0063



Capital Stock

¥ 13,980,000

Corporate Bank

SMBC (0009)

Marunouchi Branch (245)


Oct, 1st 2015

・1984: Born in Akita
・2001: Studied abroad in the United States for 10 months
・2004: Enter Sophia University and start e-learning service
・2009: Enter Mitsubishi Corporation / 3 years energy trading
・2011: Assigned in the nuclear project in France for 2 years
・2014: Resigned Mitsubishi to support people around him
・2015: Incorporated Tokyo Hearth, Inc.

BeLiving is a housing rental platform that solves vacancy issues in Tokyo by efficiently matching tenants with available rooms or apartments. We help people who are new to Japan find housing, and help people in Japan find an international community, while cooperating with building owners and real estate vacancies in Japan. We are currently developing for an May launch.

・Real Estate Management
We help individual and corporate owners do management or marketing, with our online platform. We also sublet housing or commercial buildings with the capacity of 8+ tenants.

・Our history:
・October 2015: Established Tokyo Hearth, a completely English language based share-house.
・December 2015: Started “Global Wing,” a Japanese Student Global Internship Project.
・2016: The employment division of Tokyo International University gave support to 800 foreign students looking for internships.
・November 2017: Officially selected by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to attend startup events in Europe (JUNCTION Helsinki, Slush Helsinki, and TechCrunch Berlin).
・January 2018: Selected for “X-HUB TOKYO,” a startup advancement program aimed at overseas entrepreneurs.
・June 2018: Scheduled official launch of international housing management service, “BeLiving.”

・Media coverage
・October 2017: Nikkei Business Online “2020 Gold Medalist for the Japanese Ministry of Economics, and Trade and Industry dispatches 50 companies abroad"  (October 20). Click here for details
・January 2018: Nihon Keizai Shinbun “German Advancement Department Selects Five Companies to Support.” Click here for details